Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Fabulous Fabalis!

Just a quick post where hopefully the pictures will do the talking. A pair of Taiga bean geese have been present for several days at Cambridge Research Park and were found by David & Jonathan Heath who regularly visit the site. They turned up with a pink-foot and sometimes, but not always, associate with the several hundred-strong greylag flock. Unlike most other Taiga beans I’ve seen they can be observed at fairly close range from the hide (50-60m when on the island). There's no reason to suggest they are anything other than wild birds

Also included below is a shot I got a few years back of the two forms of bean goose which occur here – not a great picture but in my experience it’s rare to see them together in the wild.

2 Taiga (far left sitting) and 4 Tundra bean geese, Lackford, Suffolk


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