Thursday, 29 August 2013

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity missed!!

This incredible photo of a 10 - 12 ft thresher shark was taken from the Celtic Wildcat off the Pembrokeshire coast on Monday and has today appeared in several national newspapers. I was there on this small boat and I missed it. And for a shark enthusiast like me, oh, it hurts, more than any dip. This photo will haunt me forever, it will also be perhaps the best wildlife sighting I almost had. But I'm delighted for the Sea Trust to whom it has brought much-needed funds and publicity.

On the same trip we had a huge superpod of maybe 500 - 1,000 common dolphins, spread over a huge area, and many had young calves which they brought right up to the boat.

I did my usual stop in the Forest of Dean each way and had a few interesting sightings including lesser horseshoes at their usual roost and the unexpected sight of 15 spotted flycatchers in a flock that also comprised a tree pipit, nuthatch and family of willow warblers, a somewhat bizarre ensemble of birds!

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