Thursday, 22 August 2013

Completing the set!

In 2007 I saw the last British butterfly which had hitherto eluded me - Chequered skipper. As I didn't carry a camera during most of my early butterfly trips I thought it would be worth completing the set again - with photos. And with this clouded yellow photographed recently at Kings Langley, that's all the British species, job done! What a great year it's been for butterflies. Fantastic!

It's been an excellent clouded yellow year this year and there was a recent report of 140 in a single field in Sussex! I looked for them on Therfield Heath 2 days running this week and saw just one. It was too quick for the camera and I failed to relocate it so I turned my attentions to the red kites and the many chalkhill blues present - a couple of minor aberrations noted including this worn female with white internal spots on the hindwing.

I also visited Wimpole a few evenings ago and got some practice in with the detector. One barbastelle noted and one noctule, despite the occasional light rain.

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